Installation of ventilation systems

Installation of ventilation aggregates, fans, filters, kitchen panels, air ducts, diffusers and air flow controls.

Dismantling of ventilation systems

We carry out dismantle works for old ventilation systems and further disposal of old materials.

Design and analysis of projects

We perform ventilation project works of various difficulties. During analysis of completed draft projects we make adjustments to the drafts: hydraulic linking of air duct systems, improvement and lapping of air ducts under the existing constructions, operability testing of draft air ducts and if necessary, selection of diffusers and other ventilation equipment under specific conditions.


We perform air cooling works in ventilation systems and installation of autonomous air conditioners.

Repair of ventilation systems

We eliminate malfunctions, failures and noise in ventilation systems.


Under individual agreement we can maintain ventilation systems.

Diamond drilling

Deltaston OÜ has equipment for diamond drilling (72-500 mm in diameter), what simplifies and reduces price of installation works.

Insulation works

We perform all necessary insulation works for air ducts.


Clients can receive all required consultations for ventilation field.